Top 5 Challenges Faced In HRIS Implementation

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Top 5 Challenges Faced In HRIS Implementation

As exciting as it sounds, implementing a new system is never a completely smooth process. Specific to the type and functionality of the system, there are always a couple of bumps in the road that will require additional care and attention. Implementation is an intricate procedure that, it goes wrong, can cause trouble to the whole organization. Hence, it is important to discuss the challenges that one can face while setting up software, tool, equipment, or any other system.

Talking about the Human Resource Information System, it mainly deals with the management of data about processes like Recruitment, Training & Development, Benefits & Compensation Administration, Personnel Tracking, Time & Attendance Management, Workflow Management, and Self-Service Portal. So, most of the issues that arise have to do with the information.

Mentioned below are 5 major challenges that organizations face during HRIS implementation:

Workforce Training
Amid the excitement of incorporating a new system, do not underestimate the value of training and educating the responsible employees to use the same. If the supervisors and managers are unfamiliar with the operationality of the system, it could seem imposing to the rest of the team. In this case, the relevant workforce should be involved in the implementation and adaptation of the HRIS software as much as possible. Training sessions should be organized and a considerable amount of time should be spared for employees to be acquainted with the system.

Employee Change Management
Managing change is often mistaken for training. But during or following the HRIS training meetings, it can be addressed by the trainers/managers. Preparing, equipping, and supporting the users post educating them is as critical as technology adoption. Additional support should always be given to help employees adapt to operating the new system regularly. It should be clearly expressed as to how & when employees can discuss issues with the new changes about the system.

During the change management process, managers should be able to share:

  • The requirement of the change (new system)
  • The new changes introduced
  • The impact of the change on individuals?
  • Steps to be taken to transition successfully

Information Accuracy & Quality
For keeping the HRIS system performing well, at the time of implementation, special care should be taken to ensure data authenticity and standard. We suggest you use the right formulas and derive information for optimal results. Also, the right constraints and cross-references must be used to analyze the data. For HRIS beginners, evaluating the determination of accuracy and quality of information can be a bit of a challenge. For this purpose, experts like HRIS Analysts or Vendor Representatives could be of great value.

Legal Obligations
All companies have several federal, state, and local regulations to stick to, be it an SME or MNC. While implementing HRIS software, if you are unable to understand the lawful requirements for the data, process, and structure, it can land you penalties and legal troubles. In such cases, you can contact HRIS vendors to help you understand what reports and details will be required to confirm compliance with regulations.

Data Privacy & Security
Looking at the hi-tech world we are living in, this is the least of concerns nowadays. Companies make sure right from the start that the data is secure with the help of SaaS and cloud-based HRIS software. Organizations must ask vendors to check the security of a new system, authenticity of data, and see if the data security management systems are in place. Besides, taking precautions for password management and ensuring that only parties with clearance can access certain sensitive information is necessary.

Most of the companies get wrapped up in the potential benefits and fail to properly address the challenges that come with HRIS implementation. So, finding out the top challenges to implementing HRIS and ways to overcome the same can lead to greater implementation success.

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