Actionable Strategies to Enhance Communication for your Construction Project

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Actionable Strategies to Enhance Communication for your Construction Project

The success of construction projects depends on several factors, and effective communication between the team members is one of them. It enables better collaboration, improves teamwork, and assures the completion of projects on time. Conversely, poor compunction results in misunderstandings, delays, rework, and disputes. According to a research report, 60% of general contractors see coordination and communication problems between team members and documentary issues as the main contributors to lower labor productivity.

You can well imagine how important it is to ensure seamless communication on your project. However, it is easier said than done because typical projects involve hundreds of labor and multiple contractors and subcontractors. Unless you have a full-featured construction project management platform in place, you cannot expect them to be on the same page and have access to the same information at any point. Apart from taking a digital approach, there are some strategies you need to embrace to get ahead with proper communication projects. Let us list them for you.

Have a well-defined chain of communication
Since construction projects are complex, it is vital to have a proper chain of communication to ensure that information reaches the right people through the right channel. While managers need to define this chain, they should also spell it out in the contract documents so that people know where they are positioned in this chain. Typically, the architect serves as a link between the owner and the general contractor. The general contractor passes information to subcontractors and suppliers. Any direct communication not listed in contracts should be authorized by managers, while changes in scope or schedules should be documented when they happen.

Pick the right method of communication
A clear line of communication is only half the work done, as you need to define the right method as well. The biggest challenge is that large teams use disparate methods such as text messages, in-person talk, emails, etc. So there are always chances of information being lost or not reaching everyone. The legacy systems had people communicating through signs, drawings, and meetings, but construction management platforms have changed things and made connectivity between teams far simpler and more reliable. They enable managers to share and disseminate information with everyone on board. Further, they can upload the changes and project documentation on the platform for everyone to access.

Ensure that the information is clear and concise
Even as you share the updates on the construction project management platform you need to make sure that it is clear and concise. Since people at all levels will access it, avoid using complex terms and jargon. The message should be to the point, giving information that is crisp and important. At times, you may have to share details, so messages can get long and complicated. Proofread the messages before sharing to see if they can be trimmed without missing out on any critical information or altering the meaning.

Stick to the facts
Another communication rule you should follow diligently is to stick with facts. Steer clear of including extraneous information in the communications. Also, never share your personal opinions; instead, provide professional insights where it may make a difference to the success of the project. As a manager, you may provide some helpful advice on the project. Others in the team can follow them for enhancing their productivity, avoiding errors, or taking things in the right direction.

Be willing to listen
Even as you are in an authoritative role, being a good listener is vital. It can help a lot in improving the project outcomes. Effective communication is always two-sided because your subordinates or other stakeholders may have a key piece of information or a useful suggestion at any time. Fortunately, a construction management platform offers that opportunity to everyone, and it is the responsibility of the manager to be attentive to what others share. Don’t just listen and notice, but follow up details where these can help. For example, someone may point potential design errors, and timely action can save the project from rework or even a mishap.

Seamless communication is the lifeline of a successful construction project. If you fail to facilitate it, problems and delays may occur sooner rather than later. Ultimately, they will take a toll on productivity and even cause the project to go haywire. These communication tips can address the problem and keep things on track.

Good communication keeps projects on track, which makes it vital for project managers to ensure it. However, it is challenging to manage large teams with hundreds of people on board. Implementing a construction project management software platform and following some best practices to facilitate seamless communication can be the best approach.

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