Dental Health Facts and Tips for Tooth Whitening

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Dental Health Facts and Tips for Tooth Whitening

The demand for teeth whitening treatment in London is on the rise and an ever-increasing number of people are now visiting the dentist's office to enquire about how they can enhance their smile. As more and more people are embracing teeth whitening, Invisalign, and veneers, it is important to address the numerous myths out there regarding teeth whitening treatments. And that is exactly what this blog post would be doing today.

Ten most interesting facts about tooth whitening
The whiteness of your teeth can be affected by several factors. Certain foods and drinks can discolor your teeth - as can smoking - over time; they include: red wine, coffee, and tea. The brightness of your teeth may also be determined by genetics.

When plaque is not regularly removed by flossing or brushing, it hardens and forms tartar. Tartar (also known as Calculus) can affect the whiteness of your teeth.

Some individuals may be stained under the surface. This issue can be caused by certain antibiotics or as a result of little cracks in the teeth which retain stains.

Do you know that regardless of the stains, the genetic makeup and natural color of an individual's teeth are determined at birth? This means that all a whitening product can do is clean all the stains that have been absorbed over time.

Professional bleaching is the most common method of whitening teeth and can lighten your precious pearls from their natural shade. The 'active ingredient' in dental bleaching products is usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. As this primary ingredient is broken down, oxygen enters into the enamel on the tooth and the color of the tooth becomes lighter.

The effects of teeth whitening are generally believed to last as long as 3 years. On the contrary, this result will differ from person to person. If you consume highly-colored food or drinks; or smoke, it is likely that the whitening effects will not last as long as they should, which is why it is important to continue taking care of your teeth.

Only a dentist is legally allowed to perform tooth whitening in the UK and EU. Hence, it is against the law to get your teeth whitened in whitening kiosks or by beauticians. You could become vulnerable to harmful products and cause permanent damage to gums and teeth.

In the United Kingdom, the volume of hydrogen peroxide in over-the-counter tooth whitening products can only legally be 0.1%.

Teeth whitening can only lighten the existing color of your tooth and would be unable to remove deep stains.

Cutting down on the quantity of teeth-staining food and drinks you consume can help you maintain a white and shiny set of teeth. Remember, quitting smoking will also help to prevent staining and discoloration.

3 best tooth whitening tips

1. Don't buy teeth whitening products from abroad
Yes, we know the prices might be enticing, but you should not buy teeth whitening products from overseas. This is because it is difficult to confirm the quality of the ingredients in the product, and this poses a risk to you. Moreover, you can't be guaranteed that they are regulated and comply with the highest dental standards.

2. Discuss with your dental team
The best source of information when it comes to tooth whitening is your dentist. Not only are they licensed and fully qualified to perform the procedure, but also are they in the best position to consider your dental needs during treatment. Whitening treatments administered by professional dentists can be almost 6,000 times stronger than any tooth whitening product you can purchase over the counter. This is why tooth whitening by a licensed dental specialist gives the most effective results.

3. Don't be a lawbreaker
It is a crime for any person other than a teeth whitening dentist, hygienist, or any other qualified dental professional to perform tooth whitening treatment. Any beautician that does this is breaking the law. Getting your teeth whitened by a professional dental specialist puts your mind at rest that you are receiving the right quality service for your money. You can rest assured that they are working within the strict provisions of the law. Moreover, it's not worth it to put your teeth at risk just to save a few pounds.

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