Why is it better to go with ISP License in India

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Why is it better to go with ISP License in India

Providing internet services in India has the potential to become the biggest business in future. Internet has slowly started to become as important to us and food. Combine it with the population of 1.4 billion and you have an essential resource that people can’t get enough of. So, how should you go about providing the internet services in India. In our opinion, you should go with the ISP License.

The process of getting ISP License in India is pretty streamlined
Type the question “How to get ISP License in India” and you will receive more answers that you can handle. However, all of them follow the same steps and say the same things. Following is the condensed version of their meaning:

  • First you need to give a legal identity to your business by starting a company.
  • Then, you need to decide the category of ISP you want to start. It will decide the ISP License cost in India.
  • Then, you need to file an offline application form for the license.
  • If the application is accepted by the Department of Telecommunication, you’ll receive a letter of intent.
  • Then, you’re required to fulfil the performance and financial bank guarantee requirements as per the Letter of Intent.
  • Once you fulfil the requirements, the process of ISP License online registration will be considered complete.

The Validity of ISP License is high and phenomenal
One of the greatest things about the ISP License fee is what you’re getting in return. Regardless of which category of ISP License you choose, you’ll be given the right to run your ISP for 20 years. Yes, for 20 years, you’ll be free to run your business. What is even more amazing about this validity is this – it won’t be affected by changes in ISP policies.

What do i mean by that
Well, as you might know, once any business license is issued, in most cases, the validity can change depending upon the change in policies. It’s not the case with ISP registration. Once your ISP has been registered, the license won’t be reviewed and shall remain unaffected by any policy for the remainder of its validity.

You can expand your ISP through franchise agreement
If you don’t want to start just any internet business, but one that has the potential to grow and have an impact on the world, you should be willing to pay the ISP License price. With an ISP, you have the ability to franchise it. You can give the franchise to someone else. By doing so, you’re passively pushing for business expansion working with multiple independent business owners in India.

Signing an ISP license agreement early motivates you to provide the best services
Once you get the ISP license, you have about 1 month to sign an ISP license agreement with a telecom company. Once you do, you can provide internet services at the quality that fits your needs,. and budget. So yeah, you get ample of powers if you opt for ISP license in this case.

There is always an ISP License consultant willing to lend you a hand
Other than paying the ISP License fees, you don’t need to do anything in the process of getting the license. You can delegate the responsibility of filing the application to an ISP License consultant. He or she will handle the matters of licensing on their end, without bothering you.

If you’re someone looking expansion of your internet services, If you want to penetrate each and every corner of India with your services and are willing to work for a long time for you, then you need the ISP License. By ensuring that you have the authority to run your ISP for a long time, it gives you room to grow. And you know, you need growth to become known.

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