How to get AYUSH License from AYUSH license consultants

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How to get AYUSH License from AYUSH license consultants

It’s a question asked to all AYUSH license consultants. While many have the right answers for you, most don’t. In that cases, you’re faced with two choices:

Either find out about the AYUSH license in India by yourself or Change your go-to AYUSH certificate consultants. Choosing between any of them will set you on the path of getting the AYUSH license in India. However, there a third option

Benefits of know about the AYUSH license from the start
For an AYUSH manufacturer, all the legal matters are secondary and all the matters of business and medicine manufacturing are primary. But even though legal matters are of secondary concern, they shouldn’t be brushed aside because without them you won’t have the legal right to do any business.

However, we do understand that you’re strapped for time. So let us give you a few points of benefits associated with knowing about the AYUSH certificate from the start:

  • Your conservation with the consultant would be a small one.
  • You’d know the effort the consultant has to put in to acquire the license.
  • You can prepare yourself with the documentation required.
  • You can rush ahead and meet the requirements of getting the license.

It’s all about speed when it comes to the AYUSH license in India, and to win it, you should already know where the road goes before you start to run on it.

The steps involved with the process of AYUSH certificate registration
Before you approach an AYUSH certificate company to avail licensing services from them, know the answers to the question of what is AYUSH certificate and How to get an AYUSH license

An AYUSH certificate is given by the AYUSH ministry to set up an AYUSH or alternative medicine manufacturing facility in India and do business in such medicines.

Now that you’ve possessed the answer to the question of what is AYUSH license, you’re ready to go ahead with the steps as given below:

File the offline application of the AYUSH license and submit the documents to the state branch of the ministry. There is no AYUSH license you can apply online for.

The documents and the application is analyzed by the ministry.

If there are any shortcomings with either your documents or your application, you’ll be notified by the ministry. You’ll also be given a timeframe within which you can make rectifications.

If the rectifications are accepted or the application doesn’t have any issues, the AYUSH ministry sends an inspector to your manufacturing premises.

IF the AYUSH inspector finds some or many discrepancies in your manufacturing facility, you’ll be notified of the same. You’ll also be given time to fix the issues you’re made aware of.

When you rectify the issues or the AYUSH inspector doesn’t find any issues with your manufacturing facility, you’ll obtain an AYUSH license in India.

Documents needed for AYUSH certificate in India
Following is a list of documents needed to acquire an AYUSH license in Delhi, or anywhere else in India:

  • Form 24 D is the application form for AYUSH License
  • A declaration stating that you’ve provided the correct information
  • The plan of the site
  • The business key plan
  • The deed of ownership of the land upon which the manufacturing facility is built.
  • An affidavit of no conviction
  • An organizational chart
  • Details of the authorized signatory
  • Machine’s list
  • Book’s list
  • SOPs
  • Premises proof
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Documents about the proprietorship of medicines and details of the medicine
  • Documents about the qualification of AYUSH staff.

When you know the above facts, you have the right knowledge about what to ask from AYUSH license consultants. Knowing the above would also allow you to assess your consultants so that you know you’re not wasting your hard-earned money on mediocre consultation.

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