How to apply for IP1 License in India

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How to apply for IP1 License in India

When you think about Infrastructure as a Service, you start imagining the scope of cloud services. You mostly do this because you have a misconception. You think that infra as a service is only meant by cloud service providers, which is a misconception.

Infrastructure providers have existed ever since the term telecom industry came into India. They are the providers of passive hardware infrastructure that to this day hold the same strength as before. Without them, you wouldn’t even have cloud technology. Think about it. Would you be able to:

  1. Provide cloud services without high-quality internet
  2. Provide services in remote regions filled with a lot of infrastructures
  3. Prevent the hardware from getting damaged because of access heat

Of course not. Without passive and nonelectrical infrastructure, none of the above would be possible. Following are the resources that have a part of passive infrastructure, allow the active infrastructure of today to exist.

  1. Dark fiber allows high-quality internet services to reach subscribers.
  2. Right of the way allows the telecom companies to bypass the land laws and connect their wires across the cities.
  3. And, it’s Duct space that allows ventilation for the servers – providing heat ventilation services so that the servers can’t overheat.

Bearing these points in mind, I think it’s time to think of Infra as a service with a new light. And think of the scope that becoming an Infrastructure provider of passive resources can give you. if you can think about them, it’s also time to think of how can you apply for an IP1 License in India

What’s the definition of an IP 1 License in India
Ip1 license is a permit, an authorization given by the Department of Telecommunication to lease or rent the “first” type of infrastructures to telecom companies or Other Service Providers. The passive infrastructures that the holders of IP 1 license are allowed to provide are:

  1. Right of Way
  2. Duct Space
  3. Dark Fibre
  4. Cell Towers

How to the license to become infrastructure as a service provider or the IP1 license
Getting the license is a simple matter of filling and submitting the IP1 license application form. Whatever complexity of the Ip1 license procedure remains comes from the documents you need to provide. These documents required are as follows:

  1. Certificate of Company Incorporation: To apply for an IP 1license, one needs to be a company.
  2. Memorandum of Association: The information sheet of the company state that you’re indeed providing passive resources to the industries related to telecom.
  3. Articles of Association: Articles of Association details the rules and regulations that are to be followed by the directors and the Infrastructure providing infrastructure.
  4. KYC of all the directors: A file detailing all the information about the directors and shareholders of the company has to be given to the Department of Telecommunication.
  5. List of infrastructures: Provide a list of infrastructure that you, as an infrastructure provider specializes in providing.
  6. Demand Draft: The application process of the IP1 license is largely offline. Thus, you have to submit a demand draft with the IP1 license application fee.

Acquiring the IP1 license is a task for DOT consultants. If you want more information in this regard, or want to apply for the aforementioned license, reach out to our experts. We are here on standby waiting for your call.

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