All About Rupin Pass Trek

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All About Rupin Pass Trek

We do create a wish list for life. The wish list is the only place where there is no one to tell you what’s possible and what’s not. And I am sure you would have put a travel destination, of course not knowing whether you can do it or not! I am also very sure you would have chosen some magnificent and once-in-a-lifetime trip. Here I am, to tell you it is possible not in another continent but our own motherland, India. What India has for us are locations, mountains, lakes, meadows like no other country. You would believe me very soon because I am, through words, going to take you on a popular and amazing trek.

Rupin Pass Trek
Settled at a whopping altitude of 15,255 ft, the Rupin Pass trek starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends at the village of Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. You got it right, you begin in one state and end up in another and that’s its uniqueness. It is considered to be the classic trek in India because you can expect the unexpected throughout the trek. The trek which requires 9 days off your time, has an uncharted collection of glacial meadows, glacial fields, snow-capped valleys, countless waterfalls, and snow bridges. The list is never going to end. Challenges add upon your way, which is why this trek is considered to be one of the high altitudes and tough treks in India.

When can I visit
Rupin Pass trek has visitors all over the year because it has varieties to offer in each season. The best time to be considered is summer which gives a new snow experience to the trekkers. The part of the trek from Dhanderas Thatch to Ronti Gad is exemplary because it's covered in the snow till the end of May. The snowfields of Rata Pheri are considered a replacement for a moonscape! The first half of June is ideal because it’s a combination of white and green. Amazing to imagine both at the same time. It’s entirely a new phase during the post-monsoon on the Rupin Pass trek. The snows are rarely seen during the Autumn season. Bottom line: Wherever it is, you are presented the best!

What to experience during Rupin Pass Trek

1. Campsites near the lower waterfall
The campsite is the marvelous ‘to-do’ waiting just for you. The spot lies on the bed of a fresh greenish meadow, curled up on the U-shaped snow valley. You are surrounded by cliff towers covered with nothing but ice. You would consider this luxury because the two-days stay here has much more than you expect. You would encounter several waterfalls throughout the trek and it seems as if they are flowing from the sky! Magical isn’t it?

2. Visit the hanging village
Just because it's named a village, doesn’t mean it has nothing to do with luxury or efficiency. The Dhaka village requires attention for its location on the edge of a cliff. Meaning it's well placed and entrenched; you would absolutely love to explore it.

3. Daredevil snow pass
The sight of the near-vertical climbing will take your breath away. Known as Rupin Gully, the 200m is a narrow steep which definitely requires help. Appears to be a tube-like cut on the sides of the mountain, each step has its thrill! Expand your eyes and ears because it's not going to be easy.

4. Kinnaur grasslands
After a long scaling, the carpet of the meadow is sure to feast your eyes. The grassland stretches all the way to Sangla Kanda and the Ronti Gad campsite is amid it. Beautiful streams flow along with the camp and there are only snow-filled mountains on all its sides. The jaw-dropping meadow is more than enough to freeze you with its scenic looks. The meadow is in gorgeous green with wildflowers blooming during the summer.

5. Snow bridges
The trek has a lot of snow bridges to walk on. In Particular, the 3 stage Rupin Waterfall has a massive snow bridge to climb up the waterfall and its whole throughout the summer.

It’s proving to be a once-in-a-lifetime trek for the hikers. For anyone to go aww looking at what’s in front of you, Rupin Pass Trek is the best of the best.

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