What are the steps to obtain TEC approval Certificate

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What are the steps to obtain TEC approval Certificate

TEC approval certificate is the primary permit that allows to import telecommunication equipment in India for the purpose of selling and distribution. The approval certificate is issued by the Telecommunication Engineering Center. As for the process of how TEC approval is given – it’s given after the product is tested in several scenarios to see if:

  • The product can create issues with other equipment connected to it.
  • The product is working at frequencies that are interfering with other equipment.
  • The product is made up of materials that can harm the public.

If any of the points yields a yes answer, TEC certification India department rejects the application. Thus, you should know about the steps to obtain TEC approval certificate in a way that your application never faces rejection.

Step 1: Create an online process
TEC certification process combines the offline and online methodologies. However, it starts by creating an online profile on the TEC portal. The telecommunication engineering centre doesn’t allow just anyone to create a profile on its portal, for it first requires you to provide:

An authorization letter from the original manufacturer addressed to the Authorized Indian representative, and

An authorization letter from the same manufacturer addressed to the Indian OEM.

Upload these documents at the time of profile creation. A few days later you’ll receive user credentials for the portal if the documents you’ve submitted are correct ones.

Step 2: Filing the online application of TEC certification

What is TEC certification?
It’s a certificate that you get after your product is tested and is deemed worthy to be imported in India. However, in order to convince the Telecommunication Engineering Centre to test your product, you need to provide the absolutely correct details when filing the application.

Any negligence from your side when it comes to the details you’ve entered in the application form will make the TEC to stop the process. Thus, when filing the application. Take the help of the expert.

Furthermore, in order for the application process to be a success without any objections, here is the list of documents you should attach with the application:

  • Certificate of incorporation of your company
  • ID proof of the authorized Indian representative
  • MOA and AOA of your company
  • Free sale certificate of the product in question.
  • Specification of the telecom product
  • Test reports from an independent and NABL accredited lab.
  • Specimen of the telecom equipment

Step 3: Submitting the hard copy of the application to the TEC department
Here is where the offline part of the TEC certificate process is initiated. Once you’ve filed the online application, the only way for the TEC to start processing it is to see a hardcopy of the application form.

When you submit the hardcopy at the TEC office, you inform the TEC that it has full authority to process your application and it’s in fact you who have filed the application form.

After receiving the hardcopy of your application form, TEC initiates the assessment of your application. It runs tests on telecom equipment to see if it’s in any way damaging to the people, devices connected to it, or devices that work at almost the same frequency as the telecom product. If the test tells the department that your equipment is safe, you receive the TEC approval certificate.

TEC approval consultants can easily take you through the three steps of obtaining TEC approval certificate. The reason you need their help is because the three steps mentioned above are only explained to you in the surface. As soon as you start implementing the steps in real world, you’ll face a lot of complex situation to get out of which you’ll need the aid of experts. So, If you’re thinking of getting TEC certification apply online with a good expert holding your hand.

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