Vinyl Versus Wood Windows Why Are Vinyl Windows Better

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Vinyl Versus Wood Windows Why Are Vinyl Windows Better

Have to decide between vinyl versus wood windows? You may be thinking to replace your windows to add value to your home, improve its energy efficiency, or update its appearance. It is first important to recognize the kind of windows that will best fit your personal and home needs.

Selecting a perfect window material can be an overwhelming and tough task without proper knowledge and research. Vinyl and wood are the two common materials used for windows these days. Though wooden windows have their pros, find out why vinyl windows are considered a better option.

Vinyl Vs. Wood Windows: Affordability
The vinyl windows are chosen b most homeowners in search of an affordable option to the costlier materials like fiberglass and solid wood windows without having to compromise on the quality. If you replace your older windows with vinyl windows Calgary your long-term savings will be considerable and make the windows worth your investment.

Wood windows generally need frequent maintenance like staining, refurbishing, and staining which can be a costly affair over time. Moreover, higher quality windows like alder and mahogany are pretty expensive.

Vinyl Vs. Wood Windows Maintenance
Another additional advantage of vinyl windows over wood windows is that they need no maintenance virtually once they are installed. Window manufacturers Calgary can manufacture the vinyl window frame in your desired finish or color. Hence, there is no requirement to stain or paint them yourself.

In addition, vinyl windows are lesser porous compared to wood. Hence, it is more difficult for grime and dirt to get trapped. It makes the window frame simple to clean using water and soap. For those looking for minimum upkeep, windows made of vinyl are the best option. Wood windows may need lots of preservation and maintenance. So, window companies Calgary suggest to finish and stain them every few years for maintaining their vibrant and elegant looks. Lots of homeowners regularly refurbish their wood windows to avoid any scratches, dents, and bumps.

Vinyl Windows Are Highly Energy Efficient Like Wood Windows
Another most recognized advantage of vinyl windows is that they have outstanding insulating properties. They are made up of a plastic known as polyvinyl chloride, also called PVC. Polyvinyl chloride has a higher R-value. R-value refers to a numeric value that is assigned to the insulation any material has. Vinyl keeps the heat from escaping away during the winter season and protects your house from the heat coming inside during the summer months.

For better insulation, you can combine the vinyl windows with a double pane glass glazed with low emissivity and filled with argon gas. The low emissivity avoids any harmful Ultraviolet rays from entering your house. The argon gas is also pumped between the glass panes to work as a cushion of insulation.

One of the biggest benefits of properly insulated windows is a complete reduction in energy costs. Although a window replacement work may look off-putting financially, you may probably make up for this cost in your energy bills within a few years if you choose vinyl windows.

The wood windows also offer great insulation as wood is known as a natural insulator. But, since wood windows are susceptible to warping and rotting, the insulating properties of these windows can get affected negatively.

Vinyl Windows Enhance The Value Of Your House
Any new window can enhance the value of your house. The same is true for new vinyl windows. These windows are easily available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Therefore, they can be tailored to fit any house's design and style requirements. Lots of homeowners choose the visual appearance of wood over vinyl. But, remember that vinyl windows can also be customized to get the feel and look of wood. Many people cannot even tell any difference and enjoy the benefits that the vinyl windows offer.

Vinyl Windows are Durable Compared to Wood Windows
Many people find that vinyl windows are highly durable and can also last for a lifetime. They can also resist mold, dirt, dents, and scratches. You can rest assured knowing that their exterior frames will not warp or rot over time, even if exposed to the harsh UV sunlight or elements. Because of these, vinyl windows will definitely last much longer than any other material.

Wood was initially a living material. So, if you do not take proper care of your wood windows, they can experience swelling and rotting because of the moisture present in the air. Another problem with selecting wood windows is the danger of getting termites that may destroy the windows material as well as other places where wood is present.

Overall, in the vinyl versus wood windows comparison, we can say that vinyl windows are known to be the best option for people who want energy-efficient windows, look great, are inexpensive, and low maintenance. If you have to decide between vinyl and wood windows, this information will hopefully make your choice simpler. Over the past many years, vinyl windows have become the common choice for replacement windows and with all their benefits, this will continue for many years ahead. So, choose vinyl windows only for your next window replacement project.

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