Sell Tickets on Ticketmaster in 3 Simple Steps

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Sell Tickets on Ticketmaster in 3 Simple Steps

Looking to begin selling tickets for your new event An easy way to sell event tickets online is to use Ticketmaster. Here is how to sell tickets on Ticketmaster in 3 simple steps.

What Is Ticketmaster
Before we dive into how to sell tickets on Ticketmaster, we should probably talk about what exactly Ticketmaster is. Ticketmaster is a platform that allows you to sell mobile tickets to any event. It is a pioneer business that has been around since the late ’70s.

1. Create Your Account
The first thing to do is create your account. You can do this by going to the Ticketmaster website and clicking on the “ticket your event” link at the bottom of the page. This will lead you to the Ticketmaster business page where you can begin account creation. You will need to fill out your name, email address, and some basic information about your event. They keep this form short to get you on the hook. As soon as you hit submit, you will get an email asking for more information. You will need to respond in order to have your account created. The quicker you respond, the faster your account will be made.

2. Wait For Creation To Happen
Your account will not be created instantaneously. Like many ticketing platforms, it takes some time to get your account set up. However, with Ticketmaster, since they are such a large business, it can take up to three weeks for your account to be created. It could also only take a day or two. So, be ready to wait and plan ahead just in case it does take a long time to set up.

3. Start Selling Tickets
Once your account is created though, you can begin selling tickets! You will have to pay a 15% service fee on the face value of the ticket to Ticketmaster. Your customers will have to pay a 10% service fee on their end as well. You will also have to pay a processing fee that varies in unpredictable ways. It can be anywhere from 1% to 31%. So, be sure to price your tickets accordingly.

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