Business Planning and Implementing In 2021

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Business Planning and Implementing In 2021

While using our remarkable differences as a critical strength, we aim to accomplish our goals and strategies that ultimately ensure our presence in the market for a longer run and more business ventures. We will be critically monitoring our performances which will be keeping us on the right track. Our weekly meetings with staff, monthly comparison of performance and against the targets; the company's actual position, and evaluating feedback from customers will be driving forces that will help us achieve our goals and meet our tagline related to happiness.

Goal setting is essential for every individual and organization to track themselves and find areas of improvement. It helps them in measuring their performances as well. If a company wants to know how well they are performing, then money and good feedback will not only be telling you this but how much you have accomplished against the goals you have set in for yourselves and organizations. Goals must be realistic and attainable. Sky Step also planned its goals which will help us in measuring our performances in the coming time.

Personal Goals

  • Annual income for more than 5 million by the end of the year 2022.
  • Twenty-five days of yearly vacations.
  • Traveling around the world.
  • Best customer service acknowledgment.
  • Expanding the branches of business.

Business Goals

  • To increase sales of over 19 million by the year 2020.
  • Expecting growth over sales by 20% in the following years.
  • To increase profits minimum of 25% over sales.
  • Increase loyal and repetitive customers by 20%.
  • Capturing market share among other competitors.
  • Minimizing staff turnover and ensuring it to be below 10%.
  • Expanding business with partners.

Strategic Goals

  • We are becoming a top 10 event planning and Management Company domestically.
  • We are expanding the business by opening two more branches in a different location in 3 years, i.e. fiscal year-end 2022.
  • Domestic recognition.
  • We are maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Increasing Strategic alliance with the top brands and list of partners to be 100 by the end of FY 2022.

Tactical Goals

  • Devoting 2 hours every day for personal interaction with the customers.
  • Develop a good relationship with partners.
  • Personally ensuring the quality standards.
  • Saving time for staff and providing high motivation from them by giving those rewards and recognition.
  • Encouraging honest feedback and providing any complaints must be resolved within the standard time frame of 3 days.
  • Reducing the dis-satisfaction level of customers and ensuring it should not be more than 20%.

Our tagline "Sharing memories, joy and happiness" defined much about our purpose of existing in the market. We want to be known as the firm that sets examples when it comes to customer services. We exist to provide mesmerizing and enrich experiences when it comes to their event. Our range of exciting partners, along with our packages, will be very much satisfying and cost-beneficial for customers. We will ensure to give a positive experience to customers that they never forget. Our services will be beyond imagination and thinking. We want customers to have a delightful event that will last longer in the customers' subconscious minds.

Our branch will be well equipped with our neat, clean and elegant environment where the customer will have a positive impression when he comes in: well-equipped conference and meeting rooms to attract our corporate clients. Staff in reception will politely greet the customer when he will walk in and assist him professionally. Inside the office will be neat and comfortable seating such as chairs and sofas and magazines, television screens will be there if the client had to wait. The overall environment will be ideal for corporate customers.

Our policy will also be for the customer, allowing interaction with the higher authorities in case required so they can have more trust and build credibility for our firm.

The walls will have fine art images. Lightning will be bright. Our consultants will be well dressed, polite, friendly, professional, encouraging, supportive, and ensuring customers are always greeted in good gestures so they can feel superior.

Gap Dashboard
We have set the standard to measure our performances related to our personal, business, tactical and strategic goals. We have been able to set forecast realistically and ensures it is achievable. If it goes as planned, we have been above to achieve our targets by earning more than 5 million per year by the end of FY 2022. It started with 1 million as the first year our primary focus was to expand and embed the brand in consumers' minds. Second-year it raises to 3 million, however by the end of 5th year we foresee to achieve the required target.

Whereas business planning is a concern, we can set targets for the first year as 19 million and expect 20% growth in the coming years. If it goes as planned, we can achieve the required target for the revenues and the profit, ensuring a minimum of 25% each year. Loyal customers increase as per benchmark we can raise consistent revenues from them around 20% respectively each year.

Tactical goals are to reduce complaints by 20%, which looks pretty much evident. The starting year has more, but in consequent years, the firm has expected to minimize complaints and enhance more customers who will be a very positive sign.

Final Thought
Expansion is every entrepreneur's dream; we have so far projected to expand our business with two more domestic branches from 1 branch to two more additional components. As we expect having Reviews consideration before buying anything as Besturate and more. By the end of the first fiscal year we do not forecast any branch opening, but next consequent years we foresee one added each year. Our finances are forecasted strong, and if performance meets the standard, we will achieve the goals. Secondly, we need to increase the range of strategic partners that every event planner must-have. A partners' portfolio is a competitive edge for them firm seeks 100+ strategic partnerships which they are expected to achieve by the end of FY 2022.

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